Tam-Tam\TBWA is certified B Corp


Tam-Tam\TBWA has obtained B Corp certification, and is committed to meeting high standards of social and environmental performance.

Last May, our agency became a member of the B Corp community. This means we meet high standards of social and environmental performance, alongside companies from across the world.

B Corp certification, a confident evolution

For Tam-Tam\TBWA, this certification represents a confident evolution, inspired by our involvement with our clients, employees, partners and a variety of community organizations.  

For several years now, we’ve been leading by example through our wellness, diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. B Corp certification is a natural next step for us.

Tam-Tam\TBWA’s positioning aligns with B Corp ideology

Obtaining B Corp certification allows us to reaffirm our intention to reconcile our high strategic and creative standards with the pursuit of kindness and humanity. It’s a position that’s perfectly in line with B Corp ideology.

“Our entire business plan and vision for the future is now built around the B Corp movement. Our mission is clearer than ever before, and it’s very inspiring and promising,” said François Canuel, President and General Manager of the agency.

Today, we begin a new chapter in our history, while solidifying our deepest convictions. Creating big, beautiful things, with a healthy dose of disruption.