We surprise 130 blood donors.


Héma-Québec launches a new campaign to raise awarenessin Black communities about the importance of donating blood. Under the theme 130 to 1 the ads were createdby Tam-Tam\TBWA.

 Sickle Cell Anemia and Black Communities.

In Quebec, about 200 people need transfusions tore place the sickle red blood cells circulating in their blood stream. Black communities are especially at risk of being affected by this genetic blood disease. SCD deforms the red blood cells and causes attacks of intense and repeated pain. Treatments exist to significantly improve the quality of life of people with the disease such as removing their red blood cells and replacing them with those of healthy people.

On average 130 matched donors are needed each year to treat a single adult with sickle cell anemia. The treatment is most effective when donor and recipient share the same genetic background.

130 for 1.

The commercial byTam-Tam\TBWA and Parade Studio introduces us to a young woman, Ilanit, suffering from sickle cell anemia. When she comes face-to-face with 130 real lifeblood donors from Black communities the encounter is impactful and emotional.

“Without the generous participation of real life donors, and Ilanit, as well as Parade Studio we couldn’t  have captured the human emotional reality of a numerical statistic. We’ve been excited about this project from start to finish and our hope is the commercial is seen widely and raises awareness about the importance of blood donation,” says Simon Grégoire, copywriter at Tam-Tam\TBWA.

The campaign was launched on June 27. The media strategy, by Carat, includes several digital assets in order to increase awareness and encourage people within Black communities to donate blood.