Finding happiness at Toujours Mikes


Restaurants have had a rough go over the past two years. Amid the ongoing pandemic, we developed the latest campaign for the Toujours Mikes restaurant chain, breathing new life into the brand.

The team used a humorous and offbeat approach to target 30–45-year-olds, encouraging them to give themselves a break and enjoy the taste of simplicity once again by eating what they really want.

“After everything we’ve been through in the past two years, people need a dose of lightheartedness and humour. Restaurants have always been a place to enjoy yourself, and we all need that more than ever right now. We want to lift people’s spirits by giving them a moment of fun through our new communications platform, and show that our brand, born in the era of Expo 67, still embraces that mindset even after 55 years!” said Sophie Letendre, Marketing Director at Toujours Mikes. “By creating a character who’s a sort of spiritual taste guide, we want to convey what Toujours Mikes has always given its customers: good food that is simple and delicious. Gourmiam isn’t an attempt to be clever. It’s about delighting in food in its purest form, expressed in a way that’s quirky and fun.”

The campaign features TV spots, online videos and Spotify audio formats.