Eyes on
the world.

51% Quebec\49% TBWA. We’re very proud to be a predominantly Quebec-based independent agency that’s also part of the global TBWA network. What’s the difference? Almost everything. We’re completely autonomous when it comes to our client relationships and our partners. At the same time, we have access to the tools and methods of one of the most influential networks on the planet.

Disruption® tools

Pirates\rebels at heart.

“Why join the navy when you can be a pirate?” - Steve Jobs

What’s that mean exactly? It’s about having guts. Refusing to take the easy road. And breaking the rules, when necessary, to conquer new creative territories.


Disruption® is much more than a marketing buzzword; it’s how we tackle your business challenges. The idea is simple: create massive growth by: 1) identifying market norms, in order to: 2) come up with a completely new vision, which flips the status quo. This methodology produces innovative thinking at every level and allows us to find business solutions in uncharted territories.

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Disruption® Days

These are collaborative workshops that aim to inject creativity and a bit of daring into strategic thinking. Come to the agency, and we’ll solve a business problem together. A typical Disruption® Day begins with unlimited croissants and coffee and ends with a ton of observations and insights that just might flip everything on its head.


Because culture never stands still the TBWA network created Backslash. Delivered daily, our crew identifies cultural insights from across the globe and shares what needs to be known in a constantly changing world. In short—eyes riveted on what’s happening in our world, and in real life.

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Edges is an insightful library that lets us anticipate cultural changes and helps brands rethink their place in the cultural ecosystem. We’re talking way beyond what’s fashionable—these Edges signal major cultural shifts that can’t be ignored. It’s a way to understand the world in which we operate.

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Juniper Park\TBWA

Juniper Park\TBWA is our partner agency in Toronto. Working with them on national projects allows us to bring even more depth to our insights and develop increasingly relevant campaigns for our two, sometimes very distinct, markets. As pirates, we complement one another well.

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TBWA\Media Arts Lab

Based in Los Angeles, TBWA\Media Arts Lab is a globally recognized network of creative agencies famous for such iconic Apple campaigns as the legendary “1984” and “Think different.” We work with them daily and directly on every Apple campaign seen in Quebec. So when it comes to rigour, we’ve got it.

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Beyond compare.

Our clients say so, and our employees, too. Tam-Tam isn’t like other agencies. There’s an innate difference. A sense of being in the right place. With the right people. Taking on what matters most, with courage and passion.

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