Killing boring. With kindness.

Tam-Tam\TBWA combines the boldness of an independent agency with the power of an international collective. It’s a solid team of humans who aren’t afraid to disrupt conventions.



Achieving your business goals requires a clear understanding of your consumers’ motivations, but also a specific strategy that sets you apart. To get there, we thrive on competing opinions. Through collaboration—the real deal—we’ll work with you and your team. First, we start by listening to you. What’s the actual problem? Where’s the potential? Your main challenges? Our clients love our Disruption® Days—a down-to-earth collaborative workshop that aims to inject a touch of creativity and a drop of zany into strategic thinking. This is just one of our methods. We have others.

  • Marketing and Communication Strategy
  • Brand Strategy and Positioning
  • Digital Strategy
  • Content Strategy

Design and branding

Design is more than a profession, it creates value. Aesthetics are not superfluous; functionality is not a luxury. For brands, design is now one of the most important ways to create firepower, especially with the proliferation of content platforms. We like to think of brands as a living organism: with a unique style and a well-defined personality, consistent across contact points. Only well-thought-out design and a strong brand image can secure a brand’s place in people’s hearts and minds.

  • Brand Strategy and Positioning
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Identity
  • Naming
  • Identity Redesign
  • Packaging
  • Brand Guides

Creative services

Digital experience, content creation, advertising... whatever the medium, the aim is the same: win people’s hearts to reach your goals. We don’t do self-indulgent creative flah-flah but target our message to match the consumer’s frame of mind. We identify the consumer journey, contact points, and their expectations. Only when the “who,” “when” and “why” are crystal clear, do we start thinking about the “how.”

  • Integrated Advertising
  • Branded Content
  • Social Marketing
  • Digital Experiences for Communications
  • Production Management


The advantage of having our own media department is having our own media department. Bye-bye working in silos. We see media, strategy and creative intermingled in a kind of chaotic arena where ideas are constantly colliding. The end results? Exactly, results. Obviously, a ROAS or a boost in conversion rates probably won’t make the front page of Strategy. But it’ll sure make your competitors—and your VP marketing friends—sit up and take notice. We don’t work miracles every time, but let’s just say we have a habit of getting more bang for your buck.

  • Planning, Analysis and Media Buying
  • TV, Radio, OOH, Newspaper, etc.
  • SEM, SEO, E-commerce, Programmatic PPC, Display, Native, Video, etc.
  • Performance Optimization
  • Integration and Sponsorship
  • Content and Influence Marketing
  • Analytics and Management (Tagging, Conversation Tracking, Dashboards, etc.)


Someone somewhere once said the pyramids of Egypt are proof that a great idea is only as good as its execution. We’re not 100% sure the analogy works, but the point is, a good idea poorly carried out isn’t worth squat. Our studio gang gets this. In print, digital, audio and video, our craftspeople master the art of beauty, detail and precision. Every day, we’re reminded and amazed how quickly they get the job done. Awe-inssspire-rrr-ing.

  • Production Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Content and Social Media
  • Digital
  • Interactive Projects
  • Photo and Video Studio
Expertise that’s honed\sharpened.

No smugness, no outsized egos. Our management collective is made up of leaders from all walks of life with the nerves, wisdom and ability to make a common vision come to life.


François Canuel

\President and General Manager


Manuel Ferrarini

\Vice-President, Creative Director


Audrey Lefebvre

\Executive Vice-President


Josée Canuel 

\Group Account Director


Dominique Beaulieu

\Group Media Director


51% Quebec\
49% TBWA.

There’s a ton of benefits to being an independent agency that's part of a global network.

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