We don’t bet on talent\we invest.

We’re constantly on the lookout for good people ready to raise the bar and question the status quo.

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We’re not looking to find the perfect person for the job, but to tailor the job perfectly to our employees.

It’s all about flexibility.

Do you have kids you need to pick up early? Would you rather head to the agency after morning rush hour? No problem, no need to explain, of course we get it. Besides, we all know the days of working Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 are long over. You work better at home in your slippers? You’re creative in the evening, a bit of a night owl? Work it your way.

A bounty of great benefits.

At Tam-Tam, we take care of our employees. For real. Imagine the absolute zenitude of health insurance, a gold star plan that includes, among other things, access to a telemedicine service. Imagine keeping fit on the job, with healthy activities that include a (sort of) marathon and volleyball for staff. And what about public transit incentives and more than the occasional gourmet treat? Yup, that too.

So, how’s it going at work?🤔

Beyond compare.

Our clients say so, and our employees, too. Tam-Tam isn’t like other agencies. There’s an innate difference. A sense of being in the right place. With the right people. Taking on what matters most, with courage and passion.

See what sets us apart

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