Bâton Rouge celebrates 30 years of sacred fire


Tam-Tam\TBWA has produced the latest campaign for Bâton Rouge, celebrating its 30th anniversary. The restaurant chain is using the occasion to modernize its image and reposition itself as the ultimate destination for true grilling fans.

Bâton Rouge has also taken the opportunity to unveil its new identity, becoming Bâton Rouge Grillhouse & Bar, a name that evokes its willingness to adapt to the changing tastes of its clientele and better reflects the chain’s passion for grilling.

By showing what it means for the brand to hold the sacred fire for 30 years, the Tam-Tam\TBWA team produced a spot that above all highlights Bâton Rouge’s passion, devotion and expertise, as well as the high quality of the dishes it serves and its exceptional dining experience.

“We wanted to create a spot that makes people want to discover or rediscover Bâton Rouge restaurants by showing how we’ve built our reputation over the past 30 years, and also present our new product offer,” said Maria Frank, Marketing Director at Bâton Rouge.  

The campaign, which launched on September 15, features 30-second TV spots and 15-second online videos.