Tam-Tam\TBWA promises its clients the kind of agile thinking and responsiveness that’s associated with human-centric agencies, while giving them access to the expertise and tools of a globally recognized creative collective. Using a disruptive approach, Tam-Tam\TBWA has been changing the rules for close to 30 years.

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Brand and Communication Strategies.   Research, Analysis and Strategic Positioning, Design and Identity, Communication Plans.

Advertising.   TV, Print, Out-of-Home, Radio, Digital, Point-of-Sale, Sponsorships, Experiential Marketing.

Media Planning and Buying.   TV, Print, Out-of-Home, Radio, Digital, Point-of-Sale, SEM.

Digital.   Web Design, Social Integration, Content Strategies.

Production.   Electronic, Digital, Print.


Originally, the tam-tam served as a universal means of communication.

The rhythm and beats allowed different tribes to listen and understand each other, and to share information.

Listen. Understand. Share.

This is exactly what we do.


Listen means observe, analyze and consider.

Understand means think, guide and advise.

Share means be creative, promote and resonate.

By taking advantage of the huge increase in communication channels, we promise brands they will capture the attention of the consumer.

By focusing on curiosity and creativity, we promise the consumer to respect the trust they put in brands.

Today, thanks to its own rhythm and beat, Tam-Tam\TBWA serves as a universal means of communication, permitting a wide spectrum of audiences to listen and understand each other, and to share.



In 1986, convinced that impactful advertising required freedom and a bold approach, a group of young, visionary communicators cofounded Tam-Tam. The advertising agency achieved extraordinary success and soon became the model for a new wave of small agencies. In 1997, Tam-Tam partnered with \TBWA, recognized as one of the most influential creative collectives in the world. A few years later, Brigitte Mittelhammer became the agency’s president and, to this day, remains its majority shareholder. In 2007, Martin Sansregret took over the reins, and the company tripled in size over the following eight years. In 2014, François Canuel was named Vice-President, General Manager & Client Leader, thereby joining forces with Martin to continue developing the agency.



\TBWA is a global creative collective of agencies that provides a full array of services to its clients. Part of the Omnicom Group, it is ranked as one of the top-10 worldwide advertising agencies, uniting over 11,100 people, operating in 323 agencies, in 97 different countries. Disruption® is at the heart of what drives TBWA’s strategic and creative approach. It challenges preconceived notions about a product or category and overturns existing conventions.

In Canada, Tam-Tam\TBWA works with Juniper Park\TBWA to offer a full range of marketing communications services to its national clients.



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